Narmine Sadeg



Balancing sculptures – Videos – Drawings

Eric Dupont Gallery – Paris – November 21 – December 22, 2015

Travelling, 2007, video, 10 minutes playing in loop

Another, 2015, scrolling video/text

Expanded declarations

Exhibition In/Between Places

ERG Gallery, Brussels, March 2020

Curators : Alexander Schellow, Alexander Streitberger


Video/text, 2021

not produced

Abandoned Words

Project for an institutional installation, 2016

In this installation visitors are invited to circulate in a tower with several floors where they can hear the same short paragraphe in multiple versions. In each paragraph, few words of the previous variation disappear, replaced by new ones. These words, which are no longer used, appear on a dark tarlatan stretched vertically in the center of the tower. Some words appear on the ground as if they are being carried away by a flow.

not produced

Mechanism of Uncertainty

Project for an institutional exhibition, 2016

Mechanism of uncertainty is a setting of 9 displays / shelves, made of steel and plexiglass, all being more or less connected. hundreds of test tubes, containing a liquid substance, are placed on transparent plates, all installed on the shelves. A complex beam of extra-fine tube / wire (diameter 1mm) irregularly connects the content of test tubes from one to another. Referring to the biomedical environments and the internal functioning of human body (blood vessels and nervous systems) the installation stages a representation of a subjective and mental mechanism. in this complex network, infinite possibilities of connections can also become infinite possibilities of apprehending a reality.
Global dimension of the installation :200 x 400 x 400 cm

not produced

Shelter for mesopotamian tablets

A tribute monument to the invention of writing, 2015

This work can be installed in a museum with a large collection of Mesopotamian tablets, such as the Baghdad Archaeological Museum or the Tehran National Museum. In this case it can be a functional work and shelter original tablets.

If this piece is installed in an art museum or in a contemporary art center, it would work differely as a non-functional prototype that contains replicas of the tablets.

not produced

The Museum

Proposal for a collaborative project with The Oriental Institute of Chicago University

Since the first Iraq war in 1991, beside huge human losses Iraq has lost about 17,000 pieces of its indexed heritage. As some inventory lists have been destroyed, we do not know exactly the total number of missing items. During the past few years the Oriental Institute of Chicago University has undertaken initiatives to establish a list of the lost pieces and, whenever possible, their images, to contribute to the recovery of lost items. Currently about 7000 pieces were found and recovered, but there are still about 10,000 missing artifacts. Some of these pieces definitely have been destroyed. The Museum project attempts to give substance to these materials